About Us

About Us

Our mission is to help people manage the stress and hurt in their lives through counseling and education based on our Judeo-Christian heritage.

Using cost-effective management practices and low-cost facilities, we  offer counseling at affordable rates – typically about two-thirds the cost of other providers. We are familiar with the needs of those seeking help with marriage problems, family issues, anxiety, depression, stress, grief, and other life concerns.

We are accredited by The Samaritan Institute, a nonprofit organization headquartered in Denver.  The Samaritan Institute is the international office for a network of counseling Centers and is one of the largest providers of professional counseling in the United States.

Samaritan Centers provide professional mental health services, healthcare education, and consultation in more than 380 cities and communities throughout the United States and Tokyo, Japan.  Annually, over $20 million of subsidized counseling is provided for those who cannot afford the full cost of counseling.  The Samaritan Ministry’s growth has been in direct response to the needs of congregations and communities.

Our counselors represent a variety of disciplines including: clinical social work, pastoral counseling, psychology, mediation, and marriage and family therapy. At minimum, all our counselors hold a master’s level degree. In addition, they are certified and/or licensed by their respective professional organizations and represent a variety of faith traditions. As professionals, they understand and respect the religious perspectives of each client and, if appropriate, incorporate these values into the therapeutic process.